Elevate Your Serenity and Revitalization.

Step into our tranquil haven of well-being, where every element has been thoughtfully selected to elevate your serenity and revitalization.


In Room

Yoga at Your Own Pace

Each of our thoughtfully designed rooms is equipped with a yoga mat, inviting you to practice at your own pace. Whether you’re an experienced Yogi or a novice, the peaceful ambience of your room offers the perfect setting to enable you to find your centre in complete tranquility.



A Selection of Ultimate Relaxation

Indulge in a selection of spa treatments for ultimate relaxation.

Our concierge team can also accommodate local fitness classes, personal training, spas, and other specialist services.

For additional information, kindly reach out to our Concierge team by dialing ‘5’



Dedicated Space for Yoga

If you prefer to practice yoga in a dedicated space, our gym on level -1 is your oasis. Here you’ll discover a harmonious haven for your yoga sessions, the spacious and well-lit area is adorned with calming décor, creating and ambiance that encourages mindfulness and serenity.

For those committed to their daily fitness routine, our gym offers a comprehensive selection of cardiovascular equipment. Where we offer protein bars and refreshments daily.

View of Mt.Fuji over Lake Motosu

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